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About the Founder of Hawk Marketing Australia

Hawk Marketing Australia was founded by Lainey Quinn, a former Irish journalist turned digital marketer with a serious passion and talent for research, content writing, search engine optimisation, social media management and data analytics.

The high-quality content marketing services that Lainey provides are fuelled by her 7 years of inbound digital content marketing agency experience in global cities such as Perth, Sydney, Dublin and London and 5 years of professional journalism writing experience.

Since establishing Hawk Marketing Australia in 2015, Lainey has helped to grow over 200 brands from a huge array of industries such as recruitment, education, renewable energy, fitness, artificial intelligence and more.

The Benefits of Outsourcing to Hawk Marketing Australia

The benefits of outsourcing your content marketing, writing project or digital advertising campaign to an independent digital marketing and content writing agency in Perth, include flexibility, affordable freelance-based rates and (in our case) a genuine, customer-focused approach. Also, because we are based in Western Australia and work with many Perth brands, we are available for face-to-face marketing consultancy and strategy meetings. 

Additionally, data analytics fuels each of our marketing strategies and we love providing in-depth and easy to understand data reports to every client we work with. 

If you’re an ambitous business owner or marketing manager who is looking to outsource to a freelance content writer or digital specialist in Perth, contact Lainey today to discuss your requirements. 

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