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About the Fremantle Markets Perth Study​

The Fremantle Markets Perth report was conducted in late 2021 by Hawk Marketing Australia. Using our initiative and knowledge of social media marketing tools and essential business website SEO tactics, we conducted a qualitative and qualitative study of the Perth fashion industry digital marketing landscape. The original, full study consisted of over 30 fashion brands who trade at the Fremantle Markets Perth. However, for the purpose of carrying out a 360′ digital marketing analysis, we selected only the brands that utilise social media marketing and whose website is ranking organically on Google Search for industry-relevant keywords. The list of brands we included in our analysis can be seen below.

  1. African Butterfly Clips
  2. Afro Blonde
  3. Clever works Retail
  4. Jilby’s Unique Boutique
  5. Lips That Wow
  6. Lucky Elephant
  7. Naked Gypsy
  8. Shoe Shu
  9. Tit for Tat
  10. Charlie and James
  11. Gaia Fine Jewels
  12. Indigo Dreaming
  13. Sarah Zel Chescoe
  14. Love and Thanks
  15. Artisan Cotton

Overview of the Digital Marketing Analysis and Findings

Many of the brands included in the study had a diverse range of digital marketing strategies already implemented, which was great to see. For example, lots are utilising advanced brand marketing tools to grow their audiences and customer bases such as Facebook Shop, e-commerce stores, online booking forms, Facebook advertisements, and search engine optimisation strategies.

What the Digital Marketing Report Includes

  • Essential Facebook page optimisations for business owners.
  • A comparison of Facebook Business page audience sizes.
  • Usage of social media advertisements. 
  • Social media brand marketing features such as external links, reviews, video marketing and business branding.
  • Usage of Instagram Business marketing tools. 
  • Essential Instagram page optimisations for business owners.
  • Website search engine optimisation analysis.
  • Organic Google Search rankings and competitiveness amongst the fashion brands. 
  • Backlink analysis and implementation of SEO link strategies. 
  • Website domain rating, authority scores and organic keywords. 
Facebook Business Page Audience Size

The average audience size as of late-2021 is 2,062.

pink facebook audience size graph
Essential Facebook Busines Page Optimisations

The below graphic illustrates a high-level analysis of the optimisation audits we performed on the fashion brand Facebook Business pages. The optimisation elements we reviewed are some of the most essential factors of brand marketing on Facebook. The more of these sections that are filled out correctly on a Facebook Business Page, the higher the brand awareness, online visibility and opportunity for audience growth.

pink facebook page optimisation graph
Facebook Business Optimisation Findings and Strategy Recommendations:
  • 8 out of 14 pages display professional logos as the profile picture. Having a professional logo as the profile picture is the best practice for brand awareness.
  • 2 out of 14 pages have branded professional banners as the cover photo. Branded banners are the best practice for brand awareness.
  • All 14 pages have filled out an about description.
  • 7 pages have provided an Additional Information section. This is a great section to use for highlighting a longer description of your company and its fashion products.
  • 9 pages display opening hours.
  • 11 pages display a phone number.
  • 9 pages display an email address.
  • 11 pages display a website link.
  • 2 pages display a price range.
  • 2 pages are running paid advertisements. Paid ads are a cost-effective way of driving footfall and sales and reaching local people living in or around Fremantle.
  • 7 pages have reviews. Any given page has on average 8 reviews and an average rating of 5.
  • 5 pages have been integrated and linked to their Instagram profiles. 
  • 10 pages have posted video content, with an average of 15 videos per page. Video content receives a higher number of views, clicks and engagement on Facebook. Try to incorporate this into your posting schedule.
  • 2 pages are utilising the Facebook Shop function to showcase and sell products. I highly recommend all traders to be utilising this function on Facebook Business.
Facebook Business Reviews

Reviews are a hugely important aspect of building a fashion trader’s brand awareness, social proof rating and customer loyalty. 92% of people will check a brand’s reviews online before making a purchase. Below are the findings from the comparative analysis of the respective brand’s page reviews on Facebook.

pink facebook review analysis
Instagram Business Page Analysis
pink instagram page analysis
  • All 15 pages display posts with text and imagery, but not all utilise hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to reach more people who are searching for business or products to buy.
  • 811 is the average number of posts on the Instagram pages.
  • 1,119 is the average number of Instagram followers.
  • 528 is the average number of people or pages, that the business pages are following. This is a healthy average. If a page is following a lot more profiles compared to the number of followers the page has received, it reduces credibility and brand trust.
  • All 15 pages have a short description at the top of the page.
  • 8 pages are utilising the Instagram highlights feature, with 4 being the average number of highlights on any given page. Highlights are shown at the top of Instagram pages and they’re a great tool for highlighting products and strong photos or videos.
Organic Search Traffic and SEO Keyword Analysis

The final part of our analysis consisted of organic SEO website audits using SEMrush, which in our opinion, is the best SEO tool that Perth SEO agencies should be using. It is quite expensive at $449.95 USD per month, but it’s by far the most comprehensive SEO research platform available to marketers in 2022. The website audits we conducted using SEMrush included website domain authority, website traffic, backlinks, and organic search keywords.

pink organic search traffic analysis
  • The average website domain rating is 8. Domain authority between 40 and 50 is considered average, between 50 and 60 is considered good and over 60 is considered excellent.
  • The average number of backlinks is 73.
  • 67 is the average number of organic keywords the websites are ranking for.
  • 297 is the average number of website monthly visitors.
  • 5% is the average percentage of websites appearing in the top 3 positions on Google Search. Whereas 24% of the websites rank between positions 4-10.

The Websites Leading the Way in SEO:

Which brand has the highest website domain authority?

Shoe Shu

Which brand has the highest organic Google Search visibility?


Which brand has the highest amount of backlinks?

Gaia Fine Jewels

Which brand has the highest number of organic ranking keywords?

Shoe Shu

Conclusion of the Fremantle Markets Perth Report

There are always greater heights your business can reach and there is always another customer that your fashion products will appeal to. Fashion and retail is one of the few industries that has managed to thrive over the past 2 years during Covid-19, with online shopping now being the preferred method of buying. Thus, business owners should take advantage of this trend and ensure their social media business pages are fully optimised, customer reviews are displayed, and high-quality content is being posted regularly.

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