The Water Fast Survival Kit

The Hawk Marketing Water Fast Survival Kit

If you’re a small business owner like me, physical and mental health is a top priority. It only takes one day of being too sick to work for our businesses to start falling behind schedule. One method I use to stay on top of my game is intermittent fasting daily and water fasting every few months for a minimum of 72 hours each time.

The longest water fast I’ve ever completed was 5 days and I remember feeling GREAT by the end of it. But the first two days were a major challenge, I won’t lie.

I started the fast at 8pm on day 1 and within less than 24 hours, I was already frothing at the mouth scrolling through foodie pages on Instagram. On day 2, I was hallucinating that household objects were food, and my tummy was screaming at me to feed it.

Night-time was the worst. It took all my willpower not to tiptoe past my sleeping partner in the middle of the night to order a sneaky Uber Eats.

On day 3, I was hazy, sluggish, and found it difficult to concentrate on work. Thankfully, I had no meetings booked for that day or they would have been sub-optimal, to say the least!

As soon as I woke up on day 4, I could feel something was different. Even though I still gave in to the temptation to scroll evil food pics on Instagram again, the hunger pangs and drool didn’t follow like before. It was almost like my brain and tummy had switched places. My mind was suddenly awake and clear, and my stomach had gone quiet. When in fact, the silence meant my body had finally kicked into full throttle ketosis and my stubborn fat cells were busy shrinking by the minute.

The brain clarity continued throughout days 4 and 5 and the ADHD noise and chatter that rarely leaves my mind finally ceased. For once, I was able to concentrate without getting distracted every 30 minutes and my focus levels were insane.

I managed to stay strong until 7pm on day 5 when I met my partner and his work friends out for Friday drinks. Unfortunately, as soon as we both saw expresso martinis on the Happy Hour menu at we were goosed. With only 60 minutes left on the clock for a 50% discount on our favourite drink, the table was soon covered in expresso martinis and the fast came to an end.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to provide medical advice but if you want to learn more about the benefits of fasting, here’s a great study:

The photo below is of my fasting survival kit and you’ll notice there’s some R & R in there. Ladies and gents, remember to take a full day or at least one evening off work each week to de-stress and unwind in whatever way works for you. For me, it’s soothing candles, Tasmanian lavender bath salts, addictive books like Game of Thrones, and my RENPHO eye massager!

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