Email Automation Trends in 2022

Email Marketing Automation Trends for 2022

Email automation increases ROI by 80%, +46% in growth and results in +26% more leads.

Ever since Covid-19 changed our lives, more Australians are subscribing to email marketing newsletters and purchasing directly from e-commerce websites as a result of effective email marketing. The below trends and industry benchmarks for 2022 clearly illustrate the need for Aussie business owners to continue implementing email marketing as part of their overall digital marketing strategy and to especially harness the power of email marketing automation.

Power Your Sales With Automated Email Journeys in 2022

Automated emails get 86% higher open rates, produce a 196% increase in click-through rates, and generate 320% more revenue than standard promotional emails, according to Campaign Monitor. So, it’s no surprise that around 49% of companies around the world have already started implementing an automated email marketing strategy, according to Emailmonday

What is an automated email journey? To put it simply, it’s when your chosen email marketing software automatically sends an email newsletter to your subscriber contacts and prospects based on pre-formatted triggers.

Example of email customer journey
Example of Customer Journey Triggers (Campaign Monitor, 2021)

When used effectively, automated emails allow you to send relevant, timely content to your subscribers and customers. The result is a positive customer experience, higher open rates and clicks, as well as boosting revenue and sales. Keep reading to learn about further benefits of email automation below.

The Benefits of Email Automation

In a recent automation report, marketers stated that the benefits of email automation include:

  • Reduces repetitive tasks.
  • Allows for better targeting of customers and prospects.
  • Makes improvements to the overall customer experience
  • Reduces human error in campaigns.

And that is essentially the beauty of email automation. Once the workflow is set up, tested and set to live, the automation platform does the rest of the work for you. As soon as people meet the pre-defined triggers and rules, the automated emails are sent without any more work being required (other than reporting!). It’s one of the most efficient and highly recommended automated marketing tools available to marketers and business owners in 2022.

Essential Ingredients of an Automated Email Workflow to Know in 2022

If you’re creating a marketing automation program for your business, it’s essential to consider how data, rules, and the content will come together to create a journey that leads to more interested and loyal customers. Here are the top ingredients that are essential to ensure success from your automated email journeys.

Analytics: Use data analytics to inform the best triggers for your automated journey. If you’ve already sent email campaigns to subscribers using an email scheduling platform, analyse the reporting for those campaigns and draw on any learnings. Additionally, go to your Google Analytics account and analyse the website traffic that came through “email” as a source.
Rules: The rules that define the journey will make or break your campaign. Make sure you test the workflow before making it live so you can spot errors and proof the content with a fresh eye.
Content: Only use high-quality, professionally written content to ensure your brand reputation stays consistent, positive and truly reflects your business values. 

Data Benchmarks for Australian Email Marketers in 2022

The average global email open rate increased by more than 13% in 2021. Interestingly, open rates increased more than 20% YoY in April and May 2021, which was when the major Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions ramped up around the globe. Multiple industries experienced a 4% growth in average click-through rates (CTA) and unsurprisingly, the industry that experienced the highest CTA growth of 50% was government.

Email Marketing Benchmarks for Australian Businesses in 2022

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