SEMrush Content Marketing Outsourcing Trends for 2022

An Analysis of SEMrush's Content Marketing Outsourcing Report 2021

49% of Businesses Outsource Their Content Marketing to a Professional Writer

47% of those organisations choose to outsource to a professional, freelance content marketer with strong, high-end experience and an impressive skill set, rather than a content or digital agency (27%), according to the SEMRush State of Content Operations & Outsourcing Report 2021.

The report also found that 12% of the companies choose to outsource 100% of their content whilst 37% prefer a hybrid model of content marketing outsourcing, with a mixture of in-house and out-of-house.

content marketing outsourcing report SEMRush

Companies are being more selective now when it comes to choosing a content marketing service provider. Content briefs are getting tightened, the quality of writing expected is high, marketing budgets have been adjusted and HR departments have been forced to change their onboarding processes to make way for outsourced, remote and hybrid team members. Needless to say, the state of content marketing has evolved and 2022 will see huge growth and change for this industry. 

This article is a summary and analysis of SEMRush’s latest report on the state of content marketing in 2022. Over 700 interviews and surveys were conducted with marketers and companies from a diverse range of industries for the making of the report.

If outsourcing your content writing is part of your 2022 digital marketing strategy, get in touch with Lainey Quinn, Hawk Marketing’s founder and Perth-based freelance SEO content writer with 13 years of professional experience. 

The Benefits of Outsourcing Content Marketing to a Freelance Professional Writer

Content marketing outsourcing remains an essential strategy for companies to support their strategic goals. Marketing budgets and overall business operations have evolved since the COVID-19 pandemic) and outsourcing ticks all the boxes when it comes to cost-cutting whilst maintaining a high-quality content strategy.

When SEMRush explored why most companies choose to outsource their content rather than hire in-house writers, 52% of the research participants said the same thing: the need to scale up content production.

Most of the respondents also mentioned internal and HR issues that content outsourcing seemed to solve for them, including:

  • Not enough writers in-house.
  • In-house content marketers have other tasks besides writing.
  • The costs of hiring (and onboarding) writers in-house is too high.
  • It’s hard to find and hire good writers to have them in-house.

How Much Do Companies Spend on Outsourcing Content Marketing?

Content marketing refers to search engine optimisation, email newsletters, blog articles, website copywriting, social media content, advertisements, infographics, and more. All of which require frequent time and dedication, professional writing experience, knowledge of SEO and a highly-trained eye for spelling/grammar. Thus, companies can easily spend up to $30k in one month just on outsourcing their content if they have the budget.

How much do you spend on outsourcing content monthly SEMRush report 2022

The majority of the SEMRush report participants who are content outsourcing advocates, spend up to $1000 per month (37%) and 34% are happy to spend up to $5000. 

This budget increases for 16% of the respondents who report spending between $6k – $10k in any given month and 8% reportedly have between $11K and $30K in their back-pocket, ready to invest in a professional freelance writer or content agency.

Last but not least, 5% of companies confirm spending more than $30K on content written by external creative forces in one month.

Why Companies Choose Not to Outsource Their Content Marketing

Thanks to SEMRush, we have fresh data and insights into the risks and challenges marketing managers, HR professionals and business owners face when it comes to outsourcing their content writing. 

24% of the companies who don’t outsource content writing said they find it simply more manageable to keep their content marketing efforts in-house and create content internally. 22% choose not to outsource their content writing because they haven’t yet found a content specialist that can demonstrate industry knowledge and create compelling and professionally written SEO blog articles.  

Additionally, 11% of companies have had bad experiences with outsourced content writers in the past, so they’d rather keep the task in-house. For example, companies reported receiving content that didn’t match the standard of quality. Thus, time and money are then exerted on in-house editing and re-writing the piece of content.

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What Content Marketing Skills Are Required in 2022?

We love that SEMRush asked the survey participants where they felt content writing providers could improve in the future. We have a growth mindset at Hawk Marketing and one of our goals for 2022 is to study and extract the most interesting and useful findings from in-depth 2021 marketing reports and use the knowledge to improve our digital marketing services.

What Content Marketing Skills Are Required in 2022 SEMRush

76% of the respondents said content writers need to get better at translating ideas and instructions into content that’s valuable for customers. And 51% said content writers need to put more focus on research before they begin the content creation stage – which we completely agree with. 

Research is the most important part of the content writing strategy. For example, when we approach an SEO blog article assignment, the first step we take is to perform comprehensive topic research, industry research, SEO keyword research (using SEMRush of course!), company research and competitor research. And that all happens before we even put pen to paper. Without this research, the content would be boring, irrelevant and not optimised for organic Google Search rankings.

Furthermore, 66% of people said the biggest area of improvement they would like to see is writers acquiring new skills and knowledge, and adapting to a fast-changing environment. This includes learning and understanding target audiences, being proactive and using initiative to create high-quality content.

“Keep learning and understanding the target, adapting to the target together with us. Do not wait for instructions. Be more proactive.”
Marcos Bravo, Brand Ambassador, LiveChat
Marcos Bravo
Brand Ambassador for LiveChat
Our Conclusion

44% of the companies who responded to SEMRush’s surveys and interviews, and who choose to outsource their content, say they want to receive in-depth, high-quality writing. They don’t want mediocre writing, and they select their vendor through the prism of quality. This was a trend we were delighted to see, as it shows business owners are understanding and embracing the importance of high-quality content, which is exactly what we offer at Hawk Marketing. 

Additionally, comprehensive industry, topic and SEO keyword research (a lot of which we use SEMRush’s tools for) fuels each of our digital marketing services, so we were as equally delighted to see that over 50% of companies who outsource, expect more of this in 2022!

Studying in-depth reports from highly credible companies such as SEMrush (we’re huge fans, can you tell?), helps us succeed in finding clients who genuinely need our specialist content marketing services such as SEO website copywriting or producing highly-research SEO blog articles. This activity also gives us a deeper understanding of the fears, challenges, and obstacles our clients are facing, and helps us identify areas of improvement where we can make our services even more beneficial to companies who need to outsource to a content marketing professional in 2022.

If you are an ambitious owner who is looking to outsource content writing in Australia, or anywhere around the world, feel free to reach out to Hawk Marketing, West Australia’s top freelance content marketing service provider. Alternatively, if you are a marketer searching for a new job in 2022, apply for our freelance SEO content writing job.

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