Top 5 Australian Crypto Marketing Trends

Australian Crypto Marketing Trends 2022

Bitcoin. Crypto. Blockchain.

These are no longer just trending buzzwords in 2022. Whether you’ve already embraced cryptocurrency or are thinking of familiarising yourself with this emerging technology, you need to stay on top of the game. And fast.

18.4% of people in Australia already own some form of cryptocurrency and its rate of adoption is growing at tremendous speed across the country and the globe, according to Statistica.

It’s time for Aussie business owners and digital marketing experts (like us!) to ride the crypto wave and embrace this new technological revolution efficiently. So, without further ado – here are the top 5 crypto business marketing trends in Australia to watch out for in 2022.

Green Crypto Marketing Solutions

green crypto

For the past two years, most of the world’s public has been concerned about the negative environmental impact that crypto mining has contributed to. Bitcoin’s annual energy consumption footprint reached its greatest high point in June 2021 and Elon Musk announced a suspension on Bitcoin (BTC) purchases.

For Australian business owners to thrive in the crypto marketing era, they will need to successfully navigate and address the environmental impact of the industry as it gets regulated. The crypto industry is quickly moving towards creating a more sustainable future and businesses are attempting to align their own goals to this.

As you look for greener solutions and more energy-efficient methods of running all aspects of your business, adopt a ‘green’ approach to your marketing efforts and language as well. Integrate sustainability and diversity into your content and communication strategy. Purpose-driven marketing that ties in with impact-led corporate social responsibility (CSR) will dominate crypto marketing trends in 2022.

This ties in with our next big trend for crypto business marketing: institutional acceptance.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Government Regulations in Australia

australian crypto laws

The Australian government recently announced its plans to roll out a central bank-issued digital currency (CBDC). This universally accessible and digital payment method is expected to be utilised alongside the crypto market, and businesses need to prepare for any changes and regulations that may come with it. Governments all across the world are quickly embracing cryptocurrencies, while some markets are still quite sceptical about it. As a crypto business, you need to be agile and prepared for any impact this might have in an unpredictable market.

Invest in crypto marketing that is transparent and speaks a language that is easily understandable and accessible by the masses. Cryptocurrency is no longer just for the elite or select population of the market. Children as young as 12 and under are being taught about wealth management and investing in cryptocurrency. For example, 7 News Australia published Finder’s research results which show that 7% of Aussie kids under the age of 12 have a share trading account in their name, and 2% have a cryptocurrency account. The survey also found more than half of children under 12 (5%) have a savings account.

Additionally, millennials who can’t afford to invest in housing are turning to crypto as a source of income to depend on for the future, according to Business Insider.

As crypto, blockchain, and the metaverse become more popular in Australia and gain increased momentum and institutional acceptance in 2022, business owners will need to outsource digital marketing strategies if there is no in-house marketer present. 

Privacy vs Personalisation in a Cookie-Less World

For the past two years, Google has been on its way to ending third-party cookies, as stated in the Google Chromium Blog. Digital marketers have been depending on these cookies for years to create more personalised ads and to track their progress. These changes will impact more than 80% of advertisers, according to Epsilon, but with the right plan in place (and our help), you can navigate this disruption with ease.

Search engine optimisation will also play a huge role in building a strong foundation and relationship between your brand and that of web publishers. With the right keywords in place, remarketing to existing clients and looking at ways to cross-sell and upsell, your business will continue to yield organic traffic consistently for the long term.

Australian business owners will be forced to look for new ways for data generation and audience tracking by the end of 2022. You will also need to conjure up new marketing strategies to reach the right audience at the right time, and at the right place. 

Embrace Social Media Commerce in 2022
Crypto Social Media Marketing | Hawk Marketing

Since the start of the global pandemic, social commerce in Australia has gone mainstream as well as taking over the rest of the world. The two top platforms that dominated the social commerce scene in 2021, were Facebook and Instagram and with the rise in popularity of TikTok, Snap and Pinterest, the options for shopping through social media have become endless.

Gen Z shoppers are leading the way by taking up 42% of social media shoppers, according to Smart Company. This makes it imperative for Aussie brands who are embracing crypto to stay relevant, trendy and prepared to embrace social commerce.

Social media platforms present you with a huge database of followers. For a marketing strategy to work on these platforms it is imperative that you use the right language of communication with the plethora of tools provided as well. Instagram reels, polls, filters, and short video marketing tactics are a great way to keep your audience engaged and entice them to share your content among their peers as well.

Business owners who are planning on getting involved in crypto this year can’t afford to ignore these digital commerce trends. Now is the time to invest in a trustworthy, independent digital marketing agency in Perth, that can create and execute a powerful brand marketing strategy fuelled by high-quality organic social media.

Final Advice for Australian Businesses Getting Involved in Cryptocurrency

While you keep an eye on these top crypto marketing trends, it is important that your digital marketing strategy remains agile, up-to-date, and consistent with your brand values. The rate of crypto adoption in Australia is the third-highest in the world, and an increasing number of brands are jumping in on the hype. So, whilst you need to stay ahead of the curve and market your services in a way that stands out from your competitors, don’t get too carried away and let your brand awareness suffer.

At Hawk Marketing Australia, we have more than 10 years of experience in creating bespoke marketing strategies for over 200 global brands across a range of industries, and we’re one of the first independent digital marketing agencies in Perth to accept crypto payments. We aren’t experts in crypto just yet, but we’re making our way slowly, and we are keen to share our crypto knowledge with business owners and combine it to support those who are attempting to roll out a new crypto offering to their audience.

Our data-focused approach ensures that your business’ crypto marketing strategy puts your brand in the best position for the future and delivers optimum ROI. Get in touch with Lainey Quinn and find out how our social media, advertising, email marketing and content marketing services can boost your 2022 digital strategy. 

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