How to Win at Organic SEO Google Search in 2022

When Google “crawls” or indexes a website, it analyses hundreds of search engine optimisation factors and determines where a landing page should appear on Google Search and for what keywords it appears for. These organic search ranking factors have evolved and changed over the years and there were some big updates to how the Google algorithm works in 2021. So, to make your life a bit easier whether you’re an Australian business owner, SEO agency in Perth, or a freelance digital marketer (like us!), we’ve put together a quick and helpful list of the top best practices for organic SEO Google Search in 2022.

Best Practices for Organic SEO Google Search in 2022

The following guidelines outline 2022 SEO best practices that will help your website get found by local Perth Google Search in 2022 and hopefully get you ranking higher than your closest competitors. Google’s organic SEO ranking factors follow a strict protocol and if a website is found to be exploiting them, it runs the risk of being put on the blacklist and being deleted from the Google Page Index completely. So, if you’re not sure of how to implement an SEO strategy correctly, contact us for information about our SEO services and packages on +61 432509401 or send an email to

Google Search in 2022
  • Make sure each page URL is simple, structured and avoids using numbers and symbols. 
  • Use SEO attribute values to tell Google if you have outbound links that are sponsored, user-generated or if you don’t want them to be crawled. 
  • If the target audience of your website is primarily children, visit the Google Tag for Child-Directed Treatment page to learn how to tag a site or service that you would like Google to treat as child-directed in whole or in part for the purposes of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
  • Ensure your website looks the same and functions correctly on different browsers by performing tests and checking functionalities on all platforms. Google Analytics and Google Search Console will also tell you if there are browser abnormalities or issues.
  • Every page on a website should have unique content. Pages that have duplicate content will be penalised and lose their organic search ranking visibility when crawled by Google.
  • If your site contains multiple pages with largely identical content, there are a number of ways you can indicate your preferred URL to Google. Learn about canonicalisation.
  • Make it easy for Google to crawl the links on your website by using proper tags with proper formatting. For example, Google will only crawl or follow links if they have a “href” tag.
  • Ensure that your website is set up to be crawled and indexed by Googlebot. Use the Google Index Report or URL Inspection Tool within Google Search Console to check pages that are blocked from crawling on your website.

The Hawk Marketing SEO Strategy

Armed with over 7 years of SEO agency experience, we create and implement extremely effective SEO strategies for our clients which harness the best practices outlined above. To give you an idea of the results our specialist Perth SEO services achieve for our clients, here are the average stats our work produces after 90 days of implementing our strategies.

Hawk Marketing Average 90 Day SEO Client Growth

Step 1: Perform an audit to identify gaps in your website’s search engine optimisation. This includes link analysis, on-page SEO and a technical SEO report.
Step 2: Perform comprehensive keyword research and select ones with high search volumes that if dispersed around your website, will result in website visitors and higher SEO ranking.
Step 3: Implement SEO strategies within each page of your website and either re-write current content or write fresh content.
Step 4: Set up keyword tracking so we can watch your website move higher up the Google Search Page Results ladder.
Step 5: Analyse your Google Analytics, website visitors, referring websites, backlinks, social media page visitors, conversions and audience demographics.
Step 6: Use our data analysis findings to inform our SEO strategy going forwards and make any changes required to get your website on Page 1 in the shortest time possible.

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