Social Media Advertising Tips for 2022

Over $40 billion in revenue was driven by social media advertisements in 2020.

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost website traffic and increase sales. It’s also one of the most powerful ways to reach an audience that’s never heard of your brand.

In 2020, social media ad revenue alone reached over $40 billion despite the pandemic affecting businesses on an international scale. That’s a whopping 12% increase in digital advertisement spend and it shows just how much competitive businesses realise the need to advertise in order to hit sales targets and stay afloat of their rivals.

Social media advertising is also a fast-paced industry and there’s always a new strategy, platform, or trend to learn. For example, there was a huge Facebook iOS update in 2021 that changed how campaigns are setup within Ads Manager and major performance tracking settings. As of now, if businesses don’t have a Facebook Ads Manager set up correctly with a tracking pixel leading back to the website that’s linked to “website events and conversion paths” and set up within Facebook Events Manager, page admins will be at a serious loss every time they run ads on both Facebook and Instagram in 2022.

Therefore, the best way to reap the benefits of social media advertising is to keep up with the trending advertising tips and data. Keep reading to learn more about the top insights business owners and marketers need to know for social media marketing in 2022.

Short Video Content is Going Viral

98% of marketers say video is their most important digital marketing tool, according to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing survey. Furthermore, 30% of marketers will dedicate most of their marketing budget to video marketing in 2022.

Video generates immense attention on social media than any other form of content but it’s the shorter type of videos that call the shots in video marketing. The recent rise in popularity of TikTok videos, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts show proof of the insane demand for short videos. Additionally, Hubspot recently found that short-form videos have the highest social media marketing ROIs.

If you are a business owner carrying out your brand’s social media, or if you’re another digital marketer like us, you can’t afford to be left behind. Create short-form, energetic brand videos to stand out in your industry in 2022!

The Need for a Customer-Centric Social Media Strategy

According to Gartner, 60% of all customer service requests will be sorted out on digital channels by 2023. 87% of the world’s smartphone users already send and receive chat messages.


And don’t forget the older studies warned us about customers’ reluctance to call customer care or receive brand calls. 75% of millennials avoid phone calls as they’re time-consuming according to this 2021 millennial study

Thus, it’s vital that brands meet customers’ expectations and adopt a social media customer approach alongside their marketing strategy in 2022. If you need assistance in this area, pop an email over to

Social Media e-Commerce is Going Viral

According to an AdWeek report, there were more than one million active Facebook Shops by Q1 of 2021. Social selling isn’t a new trend per se, as brands have been promoting and selling products on social media since 2016. The difference today is more businesses are embracing it which is starting a digital war for consumers among many industries that are reliant on social media for sales.

Today, many apps have integrated in-app shopping features. From live videos to Instagram storefronts to shoppable posts and Google Business products. The options for online buying are endless and the creation of new shop pages is estimated to increase drastically this year. Businesses will need to make sure their social media marketing efforts pay off by leveraging these social selling options as a brand.

Today’s most popular social selling platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Youtube, Twitter and TikTok are also adapting to this trend. In 2022, we expect social selling to go viral and for new, more innovative platforms to emerge. It could well be the year that many small to medium businesses join the party and increase competitiveness. Don’t get left behind in your industry. Contact Hawk Marketing for a marketing consultation call by emailing

A Revolutionary Omnichannel Marketing Approach

Omnichannel marketing is the next revolution in social media marketing. Today’s customers are constantly hopping between apps, websites and platforms to interact with brands online. As a result, companies with a positive brand presence on only one or two digital marketing platforms are will most likely lose money to competitors in 2022.

Furthermore, studies are showing that businesses who have a frequent presence on at least three digital marketing channels experience 287% higher conversions than those with less.

Agreed, it can be one of the biggest challenges for businesses who can’t afford an in-house marketer and it causes many brands severe headaches. It takes a lot of time and effort to unify multiple digital channels that each offer users a consistent and positive brand experience. But it’s worth it and investing in omnichannel marketing is a must for a smooth customer experience this year.

Contextual Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms continue to evolve and change how we approach digital marketing. Some of the most recent developments include Facebook going cookie-less in 2022 and social media advertisements being hit by iOS updates. Browsers like Safari and Firefox block cookies by default now and Google has 2022 plans to follow suit by ensuring it entirely stops cookies. 

These changes are a result of consumers becoming increasingly suspicious of brands that collect personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers. This has forced business owners and platform providers like Facebook to re-think their data gathering approaches. Furthermore, this trend is evident seen from a Gartner survey which revealed 81% of customers want to avoid companies for this very reason.

It’s possible that we’ll witness the death of remarketing in 2022 as organisations adapt to survive in a cookie-less digital marketing world. One of the survival tactics for businesses and marketers is to switch to traditional native and contextual marketing on social media. In other words, “value-based advertising” needs to be a part of your marketing strategy for this year. First-hand data will need to be gathered instead of third-party cookie-based user data and more traditional forms of lead capture implemented instead.

Need a hand creating a 2022 social media contextual marketing strategy? 

Influencer Marketing as a Primary Strategy

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing social media marketing strategies. According to Collabstr, influencer marketing videos will grow to a $15 billion market by the end of 2022.

In particular, short videos give influencer marketers a new lease of life, which can be seen from the TikTok usage stats from during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially during periods of lockdown.

Short-form videos have expanded social media marketing and created new opportunities for content creators. The demand for short-form videos has, as a result, led to the birth of new influencers and the growth of older ones. The increased need for social commerce has also opened new doors for content partnerships and influencer marketing. 

Thus, businesses should be aware of this trend as they put together a bulletproof marketing strategy for this year. If you need help finding an influencer to represent your brand and expand your visibility to your target audience, schedule a marketing consultation with Hawk Marketing for instant advice. 

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