Abandoned World Photography

An International Photography Agency Facebook Advertising Case Study

About Abandoned World Photography (AWP)

Abandoned World Photography (AWP) is an international agency specialising in urban real estate photography and historical research that’s been operating globally for over a decade. The agency has received international recognition from cities and countries around the world including awards, newspaper coverage, radio interviews and being called upon by global film directors for movie locations.

The Campaign Objectives and Marketing Brief

Hawk Marketing’s key objectives for the Abandoned World Photography campaign were to expand the Facebook and Instagram audience, boost social media engagement and increase website traffic. We were also aiming to achieve a significant boost in brand awareness specifically targeting an untouched audience based in Perth, Western Australia.

The Digital Marketing Strategy for AWP

First, we carried out in-depth audience demographic and behaviour research, location targeting analysis, and social media audits.

After analysing the research and audits we had collected over the space of two weeks, we created an organic social media content calendar and strategy roadmap of interesting and relevant topics we would cover over the next six months of managing Abandoned World Photography’s Facebook page and Instagram.

The calendar was a highly successful mix of powerful video marketing, visually striking photography albums, highly researched subject matter, engaging social media post content writing, and advanced social media analytics using the best social media management platform, Sprout Social.

Abandoned World Photography Website Traffic Growth 2021

Then, when the Facebook and Instagram pages were at the peak of insanely high engagement, we exploded the market space and went viral with highly-targeted video marketing advertisements and textual display ads on both platforms.

We were delighted to have successfully harnessed the power of video on social media, experimented with content types and audience A/B targeting, and well…who doesn’t like their Facebook videos going viral? Especially when they’re as cool as AWP’s!

Social Media Campaign Analytics

If you’ve never heard of Sprout Social before or understand why it’s our number 1 social media tool, the screenshots below will attest. The data is advanced and is presented beautifully. Whether you are a first-timer getting to grips with the ins and outs of social media brand marketing or a professional social media marketer who’s tried the likes of Raven, Buffer, Facebook Business Suite, Hubspot and all the other great social listening and scheduling platforms – but never Sprout Social, we highly recommend you give it a go! Check out the Abandoned World Photography campaign data screenshots below and you’ll see what we mean.

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