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A Recruitment Agency Digital Marketing Case Study

An Australian Recruitment Industry Digital Marketing Case Study

Clear Search is a highly-regarded FMCG recruitment, talent management and advisory agency in Sydney. I loved working with Clear Search, as they harnessed a unique, methodological approach to talent acquisition and retention. Their primary focus is on individual self-discovery and achieving true happiness in a workplace, rather than chasing financial transactions. Clear Search is on a mission to deliver well-matched harmonies between a person seeking a career transition and a company that fits their professional values, goals and dreams. Their focus isn’t on finding roles, it’s about helping people carve their own path and unlock their full potential. Hawk Marketing’s values completely aligned with Clear Search and their genuine, caring and personal approach meant we could collaborate on high-quality content that placed Clear Search as an industry leader in their field. 

What Clear Search Loved Most About Working With Us

Our Marketing Brief from Clear Search

Advertise the Clear Search brand as a unique, industry-leader and go-to FMCG recruitment agency in Sydney for people who are struggling to change careers and need personal, bespoke direction and guidance.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy for Clear Search

  • Research and gain an in-depth understanding of the Australian recruitment industry.
  • Perform keyword research and competitor SEO analysis.
  • Create SEO keyword strategies for long-form blogs.
  • Write data-driven, content marketing blogs.
  • Perform social media competitor research and analysis.
  • Create a social media marketing content calendar.
  • Write social media posts for the Clear Search LinkedIn and Facebook pages consisting of on-brand visuals, engaging text and powerful links that boosted website traffic.
  • Audit channel performance and provide data analysis reports.
  • Use a tone of voice suitable for the Clear Search CEO’s personal LinkedIn profile and network of Australian business leaders.
  • Use credible, recent studies and include external source links in the article copy.
  • Sources included IBM, PGi, the Harvard Business Review, The Economist, and Forbes.
Data-Driven, Long-form Content Marketing Blogs

Reactions from the LinkedIn community to our content marketing blogs:

“Very insightful and inspiring.”

“Thanks for sharing useful info on Digital Marketing.”

“Those that don’t embrace this and the digital revolution will be left very much in last place… good article!”

“Love this article!”

Clear Search LinkedIn Growth in Impressions

Clear Search LinkedIn Engagement Growth

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