About Hawk Marketing

Hawk Marketing was established in 2015 with the aim of assisting businesses around the world in their quest to increase brand awareness online, boost customer enquiries and sales, grow online followers, and accomplish short and long-term sales and marketing goals.

Our digital marketing specialisations include:


Social Media Marketing – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Website Content – Social Media Advertisements – Google Ads – Data Analytics – Digital Marketing Strategy – Content Marketing – Marketing Consultancy – Blogging – Search Engine Optimisation – Link Building – Local SEO – Marketing Strategy

About Lainey, the Founder of Hawk Marketing

Lainey Quinn, Irish Founder of Hawk Marketing and Digital Marketing Consultant

Hawk Marketing was founded by Lainey Quinn, a former Irish journalist turned digital marketer with a serious passion and talent for research, data analytics, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and SEO content writing.

From Journalist to Digital Marketing Specialist

Lainey Quinn’s professional career began in 2012 when she began working as an Irish news writer and features editor for international publications. After one too many debates with her editors over why celebrities are not page 1 newsworthy stories, Lainey embarked on a fresh career in digital marketing.

As she continued to work as a freelance journalist to upkeep her writing skills, Lainey completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Media, whilst at the same time, undertaking a 6-month intensive digital marketing internship at a Dublin-based advertising agency.

Shortly after, Hawk Marketing was born and Lainey began offering freelance social media marketing and advertising services to businesses in Ireland. The first ever client Lainey acquired was an Irish hypnotist who needed a hand with social media content creation, scheduling and publishing, and targeted ads. Since then, the industries that Lainey applied her digital marketing skillset to only got wider and even more diverse. 

The following 7 years brought Lainey all around the world as she worked for colourful variety of organisations, gaining inbound agency marketing experience and learning from industry-leading mentors. Lainey is now operating Hawk Marketing on a full-time basis from Perth, Western Australia.

Since establishing the Hawk Marketing brand, over 200 worldwide brands have worked with Lainey and have only positive words to describe her marketing capabilities, communication skills, and professional writing expertise. Check out some of the reviews below or feel free to reach out to Lainey for a free marketing consultation.

What Clients Enjoy Most About Working With Lainey
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