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We have an extensive portfolio of written articles, client case studies and achievements, marketing blogs and digital marketing reports. Check out our top portfolio pages below and get more of a feel for the Hawk Marketing services, professional skillset and specialisations.

Alternatively, if you need help with digital marketing now, browse our services page and learn more about our expertise in SEO, social, content and graphic design.

Clients and Brands

Take a look at the brands we have helped to grow since 2015! We’ve worked with over 200 clients that hail from a hugely diverse range of industries including recruitment, education, oil & gas, engineering, fitness, travel and more.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Browse data-driven case studies that highlight major wins our digital marketing services have achieved for clients around the world in a variety of industries.

Check out our 2021 Perth fashion digital marketing report! Using our initiative and knowledge of social media brand marketing tools and essential business SEO tactics, we conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis of fashion brands that operate at the Fremantle Markets in Perth, which drives thousands in foot traffic every weekend. Our report also provides in-depth strategy tips for fashion brands based on the analysis we uncovered. Delve into the data and learn how to market your business more effectively on social media and search engines!

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