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Email Marketing for Travel Companies

Drive conversions with bespoke, stunning email marketing campaigns and automatic workflows.

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What Results Can You Expect?

Guaranteed results from my email marketing strategies include website conversions, sales & enquiries, blog visitors, landing page visitors, social media followers, and brand awareness.

Who Needs Email Marketing?

 Companies with a developed digital marketing strategy.

 Companies who have a search engine optimised website.

 Companies who want fast, direct sales and enquiries.

 Companies who want to highlight a featured deal, special offer or destination.

 Companies who already have a sign-up/subscriber list that’s clean, properly tagged and exceeds the number of 1000 valid email addresses.

Why You Might Want to Skip This Option?

– You don’t have a website.

– Your marketing goals haven’t been properly defined yet.

– Your email marketing goals haven’t been defined yet.

– Sales isn’t your main business focus. 

What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing for Travel Companies?

Email newsletters are one of the best places to showcase your latest holiday deals, special offers, and introductions to new destinations your travel company specialises in.

Companies who outsource their email marketing content and contact management to an independent digital marketing agency such as Hawk Marketing can expect up to a 196% increase in website clicks and 320% more revenue than standard businesses that don’t. 49% of organisations around the world have already started implementing an automated email marketing strategy.

Outsource to freelance email marketing specialist, Lainey Quinn, whose expertise is backed by 7 years of agency experience which included managing large-scale email databases, setting up and monitoring advanced automatic workflows, creating niche email content for diverse audiences, and pro email analytics.

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