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Losing Website Traffic to Competitors?

60% of SMBs don’t have a website SEO strategy. The 40% that do are claiming all of the website traffic for your industries brands. Are you one of them?

Outsource your organic search engine optimisation and organic Google ranking goals to a 5-star expert freelancer who specialises in increasing website traffic for brands in all industries. Our diverse range of freelance specialist SEO services caters for brands of all sizes and from all industries. Whether it’s writing SEO website page content, creating a data-driven SEO strategy, writing an SEO blog article or performing a bunch of SEO audits to reveal issues with your website, we’ve got you covered.

Why Outsource Your SEO to Hawk Marketing Australia?


Over 7 years of experience optimising client websites, helping brands rank on Page 1 of Google and building unbeatable SEO strategies for both small and large companies.


Every SEO project we undertake, small or large, is driven by our love of numbers. Especially growth indicators! And we don't stop until reach our target.


The secret to our SEO success is the comprensive analysis and reporting that's included with every SEO offering. Without data, our work would be nothing.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

95% of people believe businesses on Page 1 of Google Search are the top brand in that industry. If you’re losing valuable website traffic to your direct competitors, check out the results-driven SEO services we offer below and get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation with Perth SEO agency specialist, Lainey Quinn.

Our SEO Fields of Expertise

SEO Keyword Analysis and Strategy
Local Search Engine Marketing
Rival SEO Tactical Research
In-Depth SEO Reports and Analytics
SEO Website Content Writing
SEO Blog Content Marketing
Fast-Track Your Project Start Date With a Content Marketing Brief

If you know exactly what you need from us, feel free to browse our folder of content marketing briefs including SEO website copywriting, SEO blog articles, social media advertisement, product description page and more. Download the brief you want, fill it out and email it to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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