Freelance Social Media Marketing

Organic Social Media Marketing for Travel Companies

Organic social media marketing to strengthen your digital brand awareness, reach new customers and get more online reviews.

Organic Social Media Marketing Services

Custom Organic Strategy
Social Media Post Creation
Social Media Manager
Social Media Analytics

What Results Can You Expect?

Guaranteed results from my organic social media strategies include increased brand awareness, website traffic, and page followers.

Who Needs Organic Social Media Marketing?

If you’re looking for slow and steady growth then organic social media marketing is the right choice for you. It’s also highly recommended to carry out consistent organic social media marketing strategies if you’re undertaking any other digital marketing activities such as advertising and blogging, and especially if you have a website! For companies who are investing in Google Adwords or social media advertising, an organic social media marketing strategy is highly-effective when the paid and non-paid strategies align and complement and coincide with each other.

Why You Might Want to Skip This Service?

 If you already have someone else updating your social media page with content that’s delivering the desired results.

 If your goal is to see medium to fast growth in brand awareness, website traffic, new followers and sales. 

 If you need immediate results from a social media strategy or advertisement.

Why Social Media Marketing is Essential For Your Business in 2022

Social media consumer usage has surged since Covid-19 shook the globe. At least 55% of consumers now actively use social media to learn about a new brand before making a purchase, according to Sprout Social. Furthermore, recent data shows that 62% of customers are loyal to brands that engage with them on social media, and 68% of companies who post regularly on their social media channels for one year or longer have reported a huge jump in their Google search engine rankings.

Social media marketing is getting even more competitive and the fight for consumer loyalty and referrals is increasing. Outsource the management of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube channel to me and ensure your customers aren’t stolen by tourism industry rivals!