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Our highly-researched, bespoke, marketing strategies build value and brand awareness at every single one of your digital touchpoints. Whether it’s when a potential customer lands on your social media page, subscribes to your email newsletter or sees an online advertisement highlighting your products or services, we have the wordsmith and marketing skills to convert a website visit into a sale.

Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

Step 1: Perform an audit to identify gaps in your website’s search engine optimisation. This includes link analysis, on-page SEO and a technical SEO report.
Step 2: Perform comprehensive keyword research and select ones with high search volumes that if dispersed around your website, will result in website visitors and higher SEO ranking.
Step 3: Implement SEO strategies within each page of your website and either re-write current content or write fresh content.
Step 4: Set up keyword tracking so we can watch your website move higher up the Google Search Page Results ladder.
Step 5: Analyse your Google Analytics, website visitors, referring websites, backlinks, social media page visitors, conversions and audience demographics.
Step 6: Use our data analysis findings to inform our SEO strategy going forwards and make any changes required to get your website on Page 1 in the shortest time possible.

Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy

Step 1: You are assigned a dedicated social media specialist (Lainey!) who has over 7 years of experience in advanced social media marketing. First, she will send you a short questionnaire to fill out, which will give her the relevant info she needs to kick off the research stage.
Step 2: Onto the research stage! This is where we audit your competitor’s social media and you get juicy info on them. We also perform full market research to get a 360 understanding of you, your business and what we need to do to achieve your online marketing goals.
Step 3: This is where we start creating and writing a batch of social media posts for you to review. Each post is unique, includes links and media, and hashtags on the right platforms. We also use tagging, hyperlinking, video content and multimedia to make the content fresh and exciting for your audience to digest.
Step 4: We use our nifty scheduling tool to get all the posts online and ready for takeoff in advance. This way, we can move straight into preparing the next round of content to send you for review. During this time, we also monitor post performance, and prepare easy-to-understand reports at the end of the month.

Research-Driven, SEO Blog Article Strategy

Step 1 (Brief): The first step we take with an SEO blog article writing assignment is to give the client a content brief to fill out. This tells us exactly what topic we should focus on and what target audience to have in mind when we research and write the blog article. 

Step 2: (Research): Next, we perform extensive research using the latest industry insights, reports and surveys. We also conduct SEO keyword research and create a primary SEO strategy for the blog.
Step 3 (Write): Our aim is to produce content that’s unique to everything else on the web. Using the research we’ve delved into, we write long-form, evergreen articles that offer unique insights that inform, educate and delight your readers.

Step 4 (Feedback): We encourage our clients to give us feedback on the blogs we produce. This helps us master the style, tone and branding for your specific business, should you call upon us again in the future for a writing project.

Social Media Advertising Strategy

Step 1: We have a strategy meeting either over the phone or in person where we discuss your digital advertisement goals. We brainstorm important KPIs, ad budget and who your top advertising competitors are. We will also ask you who exactly you want to reach with the ad campaign.

Step 2: We then conduct in-depth market research into your business, rivals, and target audience. We’ll take a look at your advertising history, budgets allocated, ad setup and audience reporting. 

Step 3: We create a bespoke ad strategy that includes how the visual graphics will look in the ad, the brand messaging, and the audience we will target. After we collaborate a bit more and smooth out the fine details of the advertisement, we get down to the creation stage.

Step 4: After creating unique, eye-catching graphics, and writing powerful on-brand messaging and content, we pass it over to you for review. Both the ad copy and graphics are created in-house by Lainey Quinn, allowing for seamless communication and plenty of availability to get in touch with questions or feedback.

Step 5: You review the campaign assets (messaging, graphics, and links) and let us know if you want any changes made. Any edits are made within 24 hours and you’ll get an updated version for another review.

Step 5: Once the campaign assets are confirmed, that’s where we conduct the science. We marry the copy and graphics with audience targeting, specific budget allocation, and KPIs. All of this is set up in whichever advertising platform of your choice, which could be Facebook and Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads or LinkedIn Ads!

Step 6: The advertisement goes live and we continuously track its performance whilst reporting back to you. For no extra cost, we can make adjustments to the ad settings to optimise results where necessary.

Step 7: When the advertisement is complete, we will send you a full campaign performance report with explanations, summaries and future strategy recommendations. Our reports are in-depth but easy to follow and understand. And as always, you can drop us a message or pick up the phone with any questions and we’ll be more than happy to explain something.

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