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Barkbox 420 weed toys

BarkBox High, Dog! Mellow Out, It's The BarkBox & Super Chewer 4/20 Collections

Apple Of My High, Zoomie Shroomie, B-O-N-G-O and Foggy Green Giant are just a few of the many hilarious doggie products BARKBox is marketing as part of their new “High, Dog! Mellow Out, It’s The BarkBox & Super Chewer” collection. 🐶🦴

High, Dog! Mellow Out, It's The BarkBox & Super Chewer 4/20 Collections
High, Dog! Mellow Out, It's The BarkBox & Super Chewer 4/20 Collections

Let’s be blunt…this sales campaign is blazin and it’s a purrfect example of marketing done right! 💪 Keep reading to learn how Bark is conquering digital marketing and social media for their new product campaign!

An Example of Brand Campaign Marketing Done Right!

Launched on 1 April 2022 (no it’s not an AprilFoolsDay joke!), Bark’s dope doggie digital marketing campaign has gotten off to a strong start. The brand is utilising several forms of content marketing to spread product awareness starting off with a well-written landing page consisting of eye-catching headlines, punchy paragraphs, internal and external link building, and a long-form word count. All traits of a blog that’s going to rank well on Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)! 👊

A Strong Link-Building Strategy

Mashable (a global entertainment website that gets about 10 million website visitors per month) has also helped steer the campaign along with a longform blog published yesterday which is already ranking for 13 organic keywords and has acquired 413 backlinks (57 referring domains in total).

Mashable BarkBox April Article Backlinks | Data Source: SEMRush
Mashable BarkBox April Article Backlinks | Data Source: SEMRush

Furthermore, there are 65 additional backlinks that BarkBox’s promotion landing page has already acquired from 5 referring domains, 98% of which are follow links (the best kind!).

BarkBox Campaign Landing Page Backlinks | Source: SEMRush Analytics
BarkBox Campaign Landing Page Backlinks | Source: SEMRush Analytics
Social Media Marketing  - Organic and Paid

Organic social media marketing around the 420 campaign is minimal so far and there are no Facebook or Instagram ads running (yet). But remember, not all brand marketing and product campaigns require advertising to perform well.

For example, if a brand’s social media channels already receive consistent impressions and engagements amongst followers, it’s likely that future marketing campaigns will acquire the desired KPIs (i.e., website traffic, customer enquiries, product sales) organically.

That is, of course, if the follower engagement is in a positive light and supportive of the brand, which in Bark’s case, it is. 

Furthermore, their online follower base is massive with 897k Facebook followers and 429k followers on Instagram! Thus, I wouldn’t be surprised if their 420 campaign does extremely well via purely organic marketing and without the need for any ads, whether on social media or Google AdWords.

User-Generated Content (UGC) and Social Proofing

Finally, Bark is capitalising on one of the strongest forms of marketing in 2022 — user-generated content (UGC). By asking website visitors and social media followers to post a photo of their dog having a high time with a Bark product and to use the hashtags #barkboxday or #superchewer, Bark is instantly strengthening their social proof and campaign awareness by a huge amount. Again, the success of UGC depends on the current impressions/engagement activity — which Bark has in spades.

Bark's Hilarious Campaign Call-to-Actions

Kudos to the copywriter for coming up with so many hilarious call-to-actions (CTAs) and incorporating them so smoothly into the cannabis-themed promotion landing page on the Bark website. One of the hardest things to do as a business writer and content marketer is writing strong CTAs that catch the reader’s eye and aren’t too “salesy”. It’s all about finding a balance! 

Out of all the Bark campaign call-to-actions, the B-O-N-G-O one is my favourite:

When your bud hound gets the munchies, pack the bong with treats! Take a #barkboxday pic while your pup takes a hit. Just don’t mix up your dog bowl water with your dog bowl water!

B-O-N-G-O | BarkBox 2022
B-O-N-G-O | BarkBox 2022


I also looooove this one…

The Foggy Green Giant is ounces of fun! Take a #barkboxday pic of your dog hanging out with the king of the nugs.

Foggy Green Giant | BarkBox 2022
Foggy Green Giant | BarkBox 2022

Who is Bark?

Bark is the company behind BarkBox, Super Chewer, Bark Bright, and Bark Eats subscription boxes that deliver toys, treats, and services to over one million dogs every month.

Bark Logo Blue
Bark's Logo

According to Bark’s about page:

“The BARK family encompasses BarkBox (themed monthly deliveries of innovative plush toys, treats, and chews), Super Chewer (themed monthly deliveries of tough and fluff-free toys, treats, and chews), BARK Bright (science-based health and wellness products), BARK Eats (nutritionist-crafted food delivered to your door), BARK Home (home goods for dogs and dog people), and a retail-only arm with exclusive collections in your favorite stores, like Target, PetSmart, Petco, Costco, and more.

We believe that dogs and humans are better together, and aim to be the world’s favorite dog-centric content source. So when you need to know more about the color of your dog’s poop, you know where to find us.”

To Conclude

Bark’s brand awareness and product marketing campaign ladies and gents, is marketing done right and is definitely worth following if you need inspiration and creative ideas for your social media strategy!

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