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BarkBox Cannabis Product Marketing Campaign

BarkBox’s hilarious 420 cannabis-themed collection is the purrfect example of brand marketing methods such as user generated content, linkbuilding and SEO copywriting. Ladies and gents, this is a great example of marketing done right!

Top 5 Australian Crypto Marketing Trends

What do Australian business owners need to know about crypto marketing in 2022? Check out my recent blog to learn about the top 5 crypto trends that will shape digital marketing that business owners and marketers need to apply to thrive in the blockchain era.

SEMrush Content Marketing Outsourcing Trends for 2022

49% of companies outsource their content marketing, with some spending up to $30k per month for external writers. Here’s our analysis of SEMRush’s latest report on content marketing outsourcing trends shaping 2022.

Fremantle Perth Digital Marketing Report

An analysis of digital marketing in Fremantle, Perth, examining 15 fashion brands who sell at the busy shopping hub every weekend.